Inspirational Messages



    Troy and Deedra Russell have lost their son Austen in a tragic accident involving Troy’s truck. The Russells try to face their grief and find peace, but Troy really struggles to return to his daily routine. His basketball buddy, John Manning, sees the community rally around the Russell family and wonders how he can help. Realizing that Troy has stopped attending their weekly basketball games, John calls and texts Troy every day until he promises to go with him to play basketball.

    John shows up at 5:15 a.m., warning that if Troy’s not on the curb by then, he’ll go in the house and wake him up. As they travel to and from their games, Troy opens up about his heartache, despair, and grief. John discovers that what Troy needs is a good friend who shows up and listens. Through John’s ministering, Troy feels the Savior ease his burden of grief.