Inspirational Messages

    New Year's: Look Not behind Thee


    Faith in Jesus Christ gives us strength to leave the past behind and look ahead to a brighter future.


      When I think of New Year's Day, I think of football games.

      January 1.

      What I did the previous year.

      I think the whole concept of New Year's is a big sham.

      Where I'm going.

      That's the thing Lot's wife didn't get.

      Do you know the story of Lot's wife?

      No, I don't.



      This could be completely wrong.

      All these things went wrong in his life.

      His wife got leprosy and his kid--no.

      And I think she ended up leaving him, didn't she?

      Something like that.

      I'm thinking Job.

      He had a lot of land, right? And then, so that's where they came up with the name parking lot.

      Who's Lot, then?

      You got me.

      Can you repeat the question?

      Remember, she turned into a pillar of salt?


      Remember that story?


      OK, I vaguely remember that story.

      For real?

      Yeah. Oh, yeah.

      Lot and his wife were commanded to leave.

      Is it Sodom or Gomorrah?

      The wicked city.

      Things were bad. Things were very, very, very bad.

      Are you saying Lot lives in New York City?

      So God is like, "Hey, Lot, you need to get out of there."

      They didn't leave immediately.

      Lot tells the wife and kids. He's like, "Baby, we gotta go."

      There was fighting, some griping and moaning.

      He finally convinced them to leave.

      It was strict instructions: "Just don't look back."

      Lot's wife--

      For whatever reason--

      "I forgot my handbag."

      Growing temptation--






      "Don't look back, please."

      Decided to turn around.

      Oh, man.

      The pillar of salt she became.

      The moral of the story is, don't look back.

      You have to learn from the past.

      She was too focused on the world that she was leaving behind.

      She kind of longed to be there.

      She probably didn't give it any consideration, that the future could be better than her past.

      You can't go back. So you might as well live forward in the best way you can.

      Do I think people have power to change?

      Anybody can choose to change.

      Anybody can choose to leave the past behind and move forward.

      That's what faith is.

      Coming to believe that what God has for me is bigger and better than what I have going on right now.

      And I think that when you lack hope, it's because you feel like you have nothing to rely on to give you any hope. And for me, it's the Savior. It's my faith.

      That's really the thing about the Atonement and what Christ did, is--He made the sacrifice so that we can look forward.

      You have a Savior that loves you, and that's something to be excited about.

      Trust in God. Trust in Heavenly Father. And just--whenever He tells you to do something, that you don't look back. You just go and do it.

      It is a new year.

      Move on.

      Forgive and forget.

      Every day is the beginning of a new year, and it's the first day, literally the first day of the rest of your life.

      Just live for it. Live for the future.