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    My Brother Hyrum


    Learn about Hannah's relationship with her brother Hyrum who has autism, and how she exemplifies Christlike love. Everyone deserves to be loved and valued, no matter how different they are from you.


      Hi, my name is Hannah, and this is the story about my brother Hyrum. Hyrum is my big brother, and he is eight years old. He's my best friend.

      Hyrum is like other kids. He likes to run, he likes to play, and he loves movies. But he's also different.

      Sometimes he likes to have adventures in his mind. My brother has autism. Autism means you think things different. It doesn't make you bad. It just makes you different.

      Sometimes my brother has a hard time telling us how he feels. Mom has him draw things on paper to help us understand him and what he is thinking. Sometimes kids tease my brother because they don't understand him. I wish people knew my brother like I do. I know he cares about me, even when he acts funny.

      I love my brother, and he loves me. And we like to go on adventures like camping, building fires, and roasting marshmallows. We also like to go to the park or the zoo.

      Dad says that one day, Hyrum will be able to talk just like me and tell me how he feels all the time. We don't know why Hyrum has autism; we just know that Heavenly Father made all of us special. Jesus said that we should be kind to all of our brothers and sisters. I want to be like Jesus. Don't you?

      True love can alter human lives and change human nature. I plead with you to have the courage to refrain from judging and criticizing those around you, as well as the courage to make certain everyone is included and feels loved and valued.