Inspirational Messages

    Daughters of God


    Watch as Latter-day Saint women from across the globe share how their God-given strengths allow them to impact the world in positive ways.


      I know who I am.

      I am a daughter of God.

      I have unlimited ability.

      I have purpose.

      I am of infinite worth.

      I am a mother.

      I am a daughter.

      I am a wife.

      I am a sister.

      I am a friend.

      I can shape lives.

      I can be innovative.

      I can constantly learn.

      I can heal.

      I can make a difference.

      I can uplift others.

      I am a teacher.

      I am a survivor.

      I am a leader.

      I am confident.

      I am joyous.

      I am creative.

      I am strong.

      I am unstoppable.

      I am faithful.

      I am involved.

      I am caring.

      I stand up for my beliefs.

      I belong to the largest women's organization in the world.

      A sisterhood of women who care.

      Women who influence.

      Women who lead.

      I am a good neighbor.

      I am a volunteer in my community.

      I am a valued member of my Church group.

      I am part of a worldwide family.

      I follow Jesus Christ.

      I am a Mormon woman.