Inspirational Messages

    Counsel to Youth


    Boyd K. Packer, an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, teaches youth to find happiness through family, thrift, education, purity, good friends, and faith in the Atonement of Jesus Christ.


      [MUSIC PLAYING] When I began my career as a teacher, President J. Reuben Clark Jr. spoke to us as teachers. President Clark described the youth as "hungry for the things of the spirit [and] eager to learn the Gospel." He said, "They want it straight, undiluted. ... You do not have to sneak up behind [these] spiritually experienced youth and whisper religion in [their] ears." Paul told young Timothy, "Let no man despise thy youth."

      Your generation is filled with uncertainties. You will be tested as you prepare yourself to return to our Heavenly Father. Be a responsible member of your family. The very foundation of human life in all society is the family. Learn to work and to support. Take care of your possessions, your clothing, your property. Do not be wasteful. Learn to be content. It will not hurt you to want something and not have it. It will be good for you.

      Never complain about schooling. Study well, and attend always. "The glory of God is intelligence, or, in other words, light and truth." "Whatever principle of intelligence we attain [in] this life ... will rise with [you] in the resurrection." Do not abuse yourself. Never allow others to touch your body in any way that is unworthy, and do not touch anyone else's body in an unworthy way. Do not run with friends that worry your parents. Resist every impulse that would trouble your spirit. Avoid the deadly poisons of pornography and narcotics. If they're in your life, beware! If allowed to continue, they can destroy you.

      If you've been guilty of sin or mischief, you must learn about the power of the Atonement, how it works. And with deeply sincere repentance, you can unleash that power. There is nothing from which you cannot be clean. The gospel plan is "the great plan of happiness," and that happiness is the end of our existence. Of this I bear testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.