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    Mormon Channel Studio - Oskar and Julia


    Oskar and Julia are a married duo who were brought together by music. They stopped by Mormon Channel Studio last year to perform their original song “Whatcha Gonna Do Now?” and a haunting rendition of “Oh, Holy Night.”

    The first is a song about having hope and recognizing blessings all around. Oskar and Julia found hope in each other. “We were just a little lost before we met each other.

    Once we did find each other, we connected not only on a musical level, but on a personal level. We felt the harmony within our relationship as friends—at that time it was purely friendship,” Oskar says.

    Then they began to collaborate on each other’s songwriting projects.

    “It was just ridiculous how well it worked, and once you find something that works so well, you don’t let that go,” he says.

    Mormon Channel Studio is a weekly video series featuring hymn arrangements and original music by LDS musicians from across the nation.