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    Mormon Channel Studio - Madilyn Paige

    Madilyn Paige8:29

    Accomplished singer Madilyn Paige performs her original song “Irreplaceable” and her rendition of “Nearer, My God, to Thee.”

    Madilyn wrote “Irreplaceable” when she was just a sophomore in high school. The song reflects the feelings of insecurity and invisibility she was experiencing at the time. Now, after having performed on a nation-wide singing competition, Madilyn feels far from invisible. Her advice for aspiring performers is two-fold.

    “Figure out who you are first—not just as an artist, but as a person,” she says, “because there are going to be a lot of voices and a lot of opinions that try to change you and tell you what they think you should be… and when you know who you are and what your values are… that’s such an important thing to have first.”

    Second, confidence is key. Madilyn knows from experience that you gain more of it by trying what you’re afraid to do. The more often you perform, the more confident you’ll become.

    “I still get a little nervous, but I’m mostly excited, and I used to not have that. I used to just get so nervous it was paralyzing. I promise, it works. You’ve just got to perform,” she urges.

    Madilyn chose to sing “Nearer, My God, to Thee” because it makes her feel something each time she hears it. The lyrics serve as a sweet reminder that Heavenly Father is near us all the time.

    “Something we all feel sometimes is that we’re alone, and we feel like God is always so far away. But He really is so close, and He’s always there for us,” she says.

    Mormon Channel Studio is a weekly video series featuring beautiful hymn arrangements and original music by LDS musicians from across the nation.