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    Mormon Channel Studio - Leslie Fatai


    Leslie Fatai Nau came to Mormon Channel Studio to share a message that has shaped her life: our joy in life can be limitless if we draw near to Jesus Christ.

    In her original song “Come,” Leslie sings the words spoken by Abinadi to King Noah as he testified of Jesus and the importance of coming unto Him for peace, love, and direction. Born with just five fingers, Leslie experienced that love when she turned to the Savior in times of pain.

    “It was natural for me to ask why,” she says, “Why did I have only these five fingers when everyone got ten? But coming unto Christ has helped me understand who I am as a daughter of God. I’m so grateful that I was able to learn that and also feel of my worth—that I am loved, that I am worth something.”

    Leslie also performs her favorite hymn from the Tongan hymn book, Faka’ofa Kiate Au, which translated means “He who was crucified.”

    What about Leslie’s testimony and performances inspires you most?