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    Mormon Channel Studio - Kylie Hintze


    If you’ve wondered whether you’re on the right path in life, you will relate to singer-songwriter Kylie Hintze's and the original song she performs on this episode of Mormon Channel Studio.

    Kylie found inspiration for “The Right Path” in a quote her cousin shared on social media shortly before he and his daughter passed away. The quote explained that choosing the right isn’t always easy, but it is the path to lasting happiness. Kylie wrote the song from the perspective of her cousin’s wife. "It's just motivation for all of us to stay on that right path so that we can make it back to all our loved ones," says Kylie.

    Following her original song, Kylie performs her rendition of the hymn “For the Beauty of the Earth.”

    Mormon Channel Studio is a weekly video series featuring beautiful hymn arrangements and original music by LDS musicians from across the nation.