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    Mormon Channel Studio - Firefly

    Sisters playing a song together12:06

    Sisters Melanie, McKenzie, Madelyn make up the band Firefly, and in this episode they perform an original song, “Home of the Brave,” as well as an arrangement of “The Lord is My Light,” one of their favorite hymns.

    Firefly wrote “Home of the Brave” in Nashville with the help of a professional songwriter. The song touches on acts of heroism in history.

    “With this song we hope to share that message, that we can be brave in small ways every day. They don’t have to be huge acts of service—but there are little ways that we can be brave to change someone’s life,” McKenzie explains.

    The sisters, who come from a family of seven kids, have equal roles in writing and performing their music.

    “I feel like we’re able to create the music together because we’re just great friends. If you asked me who my best friends were, I’d say my sisters, that’s who. It definitely helps that way,” Melanie.

    Mormon Channel Studio is a weekly video series featuring beautiful hymn arrangements and original music by LDS musicians from across the nation.