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    Mormon Channel Studio - Camille Nelson


    Camille Nelson brought her impressive guitar skills to Mormon Channel Studio, where she performed an original song and a blue-grass cover of a classic hymn.

    Camille wrote "Paris Lullaby" in 2015. From her home in Nashville, she had heard about the terrorist attacks on Paris that November. She wrote the lullaby in an effort to offer peace, not only to Paris, but also to those affected by acts of terrorism across the world.

    The second song she plays, "Nearer, My God, to Thee," is one of joy.

    "God loves to see us laugh, He loves to see us happy, He loves to see us have fun and find joy," Camille says with a smile. "That's why I chose a folksy feeling for this song."

    Music has been a source of peace and joy for Camille since her childhood. As the youngest of six children, she learned from her parents and siblings the importance of disciplined practice and the reward of sharing uplifting music with others.

    Mormon Channel Studio is a weekly video series featuring hymn arrangements and original music by LDS musicians from across the nation.