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    Turning to God: Lessons from Falling | Hope Works


    MaKenna was a gymnast for 21 years. She loved competing, meeting new people, and accomplishing her goals. Once she transitioned from the world of club gymnastics to college gymnastics, she made prayer a habit. College gymnastics were intense, and she really needed the power and peace that came from connecting with God.

    MaKenna won many titles in college and was one of the top gymnasts in the country. The more she relied on God, the more she realized that her connection with Him kept her grounded. Her ongoing relationship with God taught her that life was bigger than gymnastics. Little did she know that the day would come when she would need this perspective.

    During the regional finals, MaKenna felt confident. She’d been having the best meet of her life. Then on the last routine, she fell in front of thousands of people. It was her senior year, and she would never compete again.

    MaKenna was sitting behind the curtain, feeling devastated, when her prayer habit kicked in. Suddenly she had a moment of clarity, a glimpse into the future. She saw herself helping a young gymnast through a similar situation. At that moment MaKenna knew God was saying she was no failure. She had a bright future of helping others ahead.

    MaKenna reminds you that it’s not the low moments that define you, but how you move forward.

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