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    Seeking God After the 2010 Haiti Earthquake | Hope Works


    Seven seconds is a short amount of time unless a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hits—then it can seem like hours. Marj was in her classroom on January 12, 2010, when the earth violently began to shake and the building collapsed. Students were screaming, pinned by cement walls.

    The earthquake lasted only seconds, but over 200,000 people died, and over 300,000 were injured. Marj speaks English, and when groups of rescue workers began to arrive from around the world, Marj knew she would be needed to help translate. But she wasn’t ready to help and needed to be left alone to process her thoughts.

    Marj camped outside her church building with many displaced Haitians. After a couple days, one night under the stars, she heard a soft voice prompting her to help. She knew she couldn’t hide anymore and decided to follow the prompting.

    The doctors, nurses, and rescue workers became Marj’s dear friends. They were on a mission to connect with and bring hope to Marj’s people. For the injured and displaced who needed help, great things happened in simple moments.

    The decision to do good, to make a difference, and to give something takes seconds. Marj encourages you to take only a few seconds to make a difference in someone else’s life.

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