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    Losing My Sister to Suicide | Hope Works


    Ganel-Lyn shares the gut-wrenching story of her sister Meg’s suicide. She provides advice for those left behind and a message of hope to those contemplating suicide.

    It’s important to know how to reach out to someone thinking about suicide and to learn how to support people with anxiety, depression, or any mental or emotional distress. Medical and mental health professionals can help.

    Ganel-Lyn’s bond with her sister was unbreakable, and she did everything she could to help Meg. But suicide is complicated. When a loved one commits suicide, the people left behind wrestle with the question “What more could I have done to save them?” Few people want to talk about suicide, but it affects everyone.

    Ganel-Lyn recognizes that some mental and emotional conditions are extremely exhausting to the heart and soul. But no matter what you may be struggling with, life will never be better without you. You are beloved. You are needed. You are worthy.

    Ganel-Lyn believes if her sister Meg were here today, she would shout, “Stay in your body! Keep on. Try one more time. Your healing will come.” As Elder Jeffrey R. Holland said, “Do not vote against the preciousness of life by ending it!” Seek the help of medical and mental health professionals and a supportive group of people. There is help. There is hope. You’re not alone.

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