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    Is There Still Hope for Me? | Hope Works


    Darla felt like she was normal on the outside but broken on the inside. Early traumatic experiences left her feeling battered, ashamed, and abused. In an attempt to find herself, Darla ran away and joined a generational Mexican circus. This changed her life for the better. She gained discipline, trust, confidence, and greater mental strength.

    But a few years later, the holes Darla felt inside became more apparent. Past traumas began to surface. She temporarily numbed the emotional pain with alcohol and substance abuse. After a few years, Darla began to break down physically and mentally. If she didn’t change, she was going to die.

    One day, while driving on the freeway, Darla prayed, “God, if you’re there—if you even care—do you still want me? Is there still hope for me?” Instantly Darla felt prompted to look out the window to the right and saw a prison. Then she looked to her left and saw the Draper Utah Temple. Darla felt the impression “You’re free to choose liberty or death.”

    Darla felt a peace and calm she hadn’t felt in years. She could choose! She had power! She had worth! The moment Darla cried out for help, she was found. God left the ninety and nine and came after Darla, the one lost sheep.

    Darla believes our differences don’t make us broken—they make us powerful. Our power can be used for good to seek out the lost sheep, the misfits, and the broken and show them the power that’s inside them.

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