His Grace

    Prescription Drugs, Addiction, and Hope for Change

    Jordan's story of overcoming an addiction to prescription drugs3:35

    Jordan Hansen started using pain medication for recreation when he and his friends were in school. At that point, he could not have imagined the way something seemingly harmless would quickly take control of his life. He also could not have imagined the kind of help and forgiveness Jesus Christ would offer him when he was ready to break free.

    At first, using pain pills was a social experience for Jordan. As his addiction grew, it became a secret experience. He needed the pills to function, and he was willing to do anything to get them.

    “Pretend you’ve got the worst hunger you’ve ever had in your life, and that hunger is never subsided—there’s nothing you can take or do to get rid of that, except one thing,” he says.

    After one particularly large dose of Oxycontin, Jordan knew his life was in immediate danger. This thought came to him: “Any further down this path, you are going to be leaving your wife and your daughter here on this earth alone.”

    He knew he could not change without help. His wife, doctor, and religious leader supported his decision to join an addiction recovery program. It was there that he felt the grace of Jesus Christ, the key to his recovery.

    “To say it’s easy and to say it’s magic or it just disappears is not realistic,” he says. “But I certainly felt an extra help—a help from somewhere that was beyond me, that I wasn’t controlling.”

    Jordan experienced Jesus Christ’s power to heal and lift anyone who chooses to turn to Him in their times of need.

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