His Grace

    Faith Journey: When Parents Get Divorced


    When Natalie’s parents were married, everything made sense. They were going to live together forever as a family. And then her parents got divorced, and Natalie’s testimony crumbled. She questioned everything about her religion.

    Natalie finally came to understand that her parents were good people but had different paths. She knew Heavenly Father wanted them to have peace and to keep learning and growing. But she continued to wonder how that connected with what she’d been taught her entire life.

    It took many years of going to church (and disliking some things people said in lessons) for Natalie to realize that Jesus Christ was the example to follow. He understood what she was going through.

    Natalie says the purpose of the gospel of Jesus Christ is to lift each other up and help each other through life, to help one another to become more like Christ. We can do that only by empathizing with each other and hearing one another’s stories.

    Your faith journey may take a long time, and that’s OK because we all learn at our own pace. It’s OK to have struggles and issues. God’s grace is in the messiness of our lives.

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