Happy Families

    Raising a Family: Learning the Ropes Together

    The Lewis family shares ways the strengthen their relationships.4:04

    Meet the Lewis family! If their talent for trick roping together does not impress you, we think their love and respect for each other will.

    Christy, Jay, and their four kids are experts at all sorts of interesting things, but they know their success outside of the home is actually the result of success within the home. The Lewises have found that strong family bonds are the foundation for everything else.

    “When Jay and I were first married, we both knew that we wanted to be very involved in our children’s lives,” explains Christy.

    Jay and Christy teach their kids that hard work and hard play go hand in hand. Each of their family members cooperates to complete chores and help the others. When the work is done, they celebrate. No matter what they are doing, spending time together is the part that makes it fun.

    “Some people say it’s quality [of time] and not quantity—to some degree it is quantity too. So hopefully we’re doing a decent job at both,” Christy says with a laugh.

    How does your family spend time together? See what other families do to be happy.

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