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    Make It a Good Day - Happy Families


    “I think being a mom is the most important job in the world—and I’m not joking,” says mother Claire Kenny, whose big family stars in the first video of Mormon Channel’s brand new series, “Happy Families.”

    In the video, we get a glimpse of a day in the life of the Kenny family. With six kids under the age of 12, mornings are a busy time in their home, but Claire has a few tricks for keeping the chaos in check. First, while everyone eats breakfast, she reads aloud from a children’s magazine.

    “It’s a great way to start our morning with a nice quiet moment,” she says. “Their mouths are full of food, so they can’t talk back.”

    Then everybody tackles their daily chores, which include getting dressed, making beds and cleaning up. Reminders they call “tags” hang on the wall to let the kids know what is left to accomplish. Though her kids don’t always work as quickly as she would prefer, Claire finds humor and happiness in their efforts.

    “It’s great. They crack me up. And they also infuriate me sometimes,” she says with a laugh.

    When everyone has made it out the door and into the car, it is time for a Kenny family tradition. Claire leads her kids in singing the song “Make it a Good Day” on the way to school. The lyrics are simple and sweet, and they hold valuable lessons.

    Make it a good day
    Make this one glow
    Fill it with learning
    There’s much to know
    Make it a good day
    Look in your heart
    Build on your heritage
    And do your part

    It’s easy to see that this is a happy family, but Claire says it is a challenge to keep up sometimes.

    “That is a hard thing—feeling a little stretched thin in my abilities to take care of everyone at the same time … and hoping that … I’m doing a good enough job in all of those areas,” she says.

    “I look around me and I see so many of my friends. Their kids are dressed so nicely, and I’m coming with my kids, like, ‘Whatever, they picked out their own clothes.’”

    Regardless, she knows that no matter what the day brings, they can make it a good one if they work together.

    Listen to this episode of Happy Families to hear more about the Kennys.