Happy Families

    Family: One Big Experiment


    “Parenting is kind of like one big experiment: you’ve just got to try things and see how they work out, and hope they work out for the best,” says David Oh, father of the Oh family featured in this episode of Happy Families.

    The Oh family prefers to work on their chemistry while literally working on chemistry. They create a dry ice solution that will freeze household objects like candy, bottles, and even flowers.

    “We do it because it’s fun and cool. … It’s fun to experiment together and see what happens,” says mom Bryn Oh. “I would say parenting is kind of like working with dry ice. There’s a little bit of fear and apprehension. It’s a little bit messy. Sometimes you want to take it outside.”

    David, Bryn, and their three children also enjoy inventing things, developing their talents, and playing games. The best part about each of those activities is that everyone can participate and cheer each other on.

    “There’s really a great value to working together as a family to create something,” David says. Discover what other families do for fun by watching the rest of the Happy Families series.