Happy Families

    A Recipe For a Happy Family - Happy Families

    The Chavez family shares how they keep their family together.4:24

    Too many cooks in the kitchen? That is never a problem for the Chavez family. In fact, making a delicious meal elbow-to-elbow is their favorite way to spend time together.

    “There [are] times when I think, ‘Oh, I feel claustrophobic,’ and then I stop myself,” says Conni, a single mom of four. “It’s not about convenience or speed or cleanliness. This is what matters.”

    Conni’s kids started cooking with her when they were little. Instead of asking them to wait for her attention until she was done, she invited them to participate. They perfected tasty recipes including cheese sauce, guacamole, and lasagna.

    “When they were younger, I never could have imagined the miracle this would produce. It’s kind of like the glue that held everything together,” she says.

    As a single mom, sometimes Conni felt empty and as though her plan for life had been derailed. She found comfort and support in the time she spent with her kids, whether they were jumping on the trampoline, riding bikes, or cooking.

    “These experiences with my kids would be the things that would fill me up,” she says. “It’s something sweeter than I could have ever imagined.”

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