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    The Pereira family shares hobbies to spend time together3:15

    Meet the Pereira family. They love soccer, animals, and making bread because each of those things brings them closer together. Find out how in this episode of Happy Families.

    Tanya Pereira grew up in Goa, India, where she raised chickens as a little girl. She shares a taste of her own childhood with her daughter, Kayla, who also has chickens.

    “I wanted to give my daughter the same experience I had when I was growing up, and she absolutely loves them,” Tanya says.

    The Pereira’s son, Nick, enjoys playing soccer—almost as much as his parents and sister enjoy cheering for him from the sidelines.

    “What’s amazing is how the whole family has rallied around the whole soccer thing—including Mom. Mom is the loudest person we have,” says Nick’s dad, Neville.

    When everyone is home after a busy day, the family can spend time making one of their favorite foods. Chapati is unleavened flatbread, a staple food in India. Tanya and Neville learned how to make it when they were young. Now, they pass the tradition and technique on to their children.

    No matter the activity, the Pereiras have found that if it brings them together then it is always worth making time for.