Gospel Solutions for Families

    Setting Realistic Expectations with Self, Spouse, and Kids


    Life is a balancing act. So learning when we can say “yes” and how to gracefully say “no” can be key to retaining relationships and personal happiness.

    Nicole Carpenter, founder of MOMentity.com and mother of four, explains what she did when she found herself spiraling into a dark place and losing her sense of divine worth. She shares six important things all parents should do and remember.

    1. I am valuable.
    2. Dreams are real
    3. Define and protect my roles.
    4. Leverage my time.
    5. Cherish my children.
    6. Everyone needs playdates.

    Gospel Solutions for Families is a show focused on offering practical, relevant tips for raising children in faith. You can subscribe to the podcast on MormonChannel.org, the Mormon Channel app, or iTunes.