Gospel Solutions for Families

    Advice for Parenting Young Adults

    Wendy Ulrich is interviewed for an episode of Gospel Solutions for Families.31:15

    Is parenting a young adult more challenging than parenting a young child? You might feel that way. So what can we do to become better parents to our children are about to leave the nest? Wendy Ulrich, a mother and licensed psychologist, shares personal stories and insights to help answer the following questions in this episode of Gospel Solutions for Families: How can we understand what our young adult children are dealing with and what they need from us as parents? What can we do to help our children plan and prepare for their future as independent adults? How should we respond when our children make wrong or disappointing choices?

    Gospel Solutions for Families is a show focused on offering practical, relevant tips for raising children in faith. You can subscribe to the podcast on MormonChannel.org, the Mormon Channel app, or iTunes. Check out the previous episode, “How to Teach the Ideal in Less Than Ideal Circumstances.”