Give Back

    The Power of Prosthetics - "My life changed from night to day."

    After a tragic car accident, Mayerlinth gets prosthetic limbs.2:18

    A tragic accident cost Mayerlinth Reyes her legs and changed her life forever. Fortunately, she found hope for a better quality of life, thanks to those who donated prosthetics to the people of Santa Domingo.

    “From that moment, my life changed from night to day,” she says. “I can take my children to school, clean and wash my clothes. I feel that I can do anything. I feel so happy to have my prosthetics because I can live a normal life.”

    Mayerlinth is not alone in her struggle. Many Dominican Republic citizens live as amputees who could be productive but are isolated in their homes.

    “Here in Santa Domingo, they don’t take people in wheelchairs into account. There are no ramps. Buses will not stop for me. In most place I can’t go into a bathroom because the doors are too narrow.”

    Mayerlinth’s doctor says he feels touched to give patients something they lost. To find ways you can give back, us how you have given back in your own community or around the world by commenting below or using the hashtag #IGiveBack.