Give Back

    Teaching English as a Second Language: “I can help those six students.”

    Sister Kerry Porter and her friends riding on a bus.

    When looking for service opportunities, Kerry Porter discovered that she could use her few spare hours during the week to teach English at a local refugee center. She was given a class of six students from all over the world who were very anxious to learn English. It was a difficult task since she couldn’t speak any of their native languages. But as she got to know the students and hear their stories, she realized how truly incredible each of them was. She met one man in particular whose story touched her. Basir was a police officer in Afghanistan who sustained a serious head injury that made it hard for him to remember things. He was relocated to the United States with his family, and he appreciates Kerry helping him learn English. Do you have experience teaching English as a second language? Share your story with #GiveBack.