Give Back

    Smiling Faces In Sierra Leone - Donating Wheelchairs


    Malagie Bundor of Sierra Leone, has spent his life with Spina Bifida. Given the skills to build his own wheelchair and wheelchairs for others you can’t help but see how proud it makes him feel.


      These people are very poor. They are vulnerable. Actually, the society marginalizes them.

      This wheelchair is so easy to ride.  This wheelchair is more stable on this rough ground. I use it to go to school. I use this wheelchair to enter into the classroom.

      I am able now to make a wheelchair for myself. Because I have been given the knowledge.

      I feel good that we make this wheelchair in this country. That’s a big thing. I am proud of it now.

      The last time I go into my village, my father asked me “where do you get his wheelchair from?” This wheelchair is made by myself. It is made by myself.

      When somebody gets a wheelchair, especially someone who has been suffering, you know, crawling on the ground, the first impression you see is a big smiling face.