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    Saving Children – Measles Vaccination

    Vaccinations in the Philippines guard children against preventable diseases2:52

    When she lost her baby boy to a preventable disease, Helen knew she had to do something to save others from similar tragedy.

    Her son was killed by an outbreak of German measles that spread through the children in her Filipino community. Now, she raises awareness as part of an immunization program that helps parents and children protect themselves from the disease.

    “It was very painful for me as a parent, so whenever a child gets sick with the measles, I remember what happened, and I help them,” she says.

    Helen’s friend Peachy introduced her to the program, which allows her to help others the way she wishes she could have been helped years ago.

    “We feel that it is our obligation not to allow anyone to die or get sick of vaccine-preventable diseases. It is a fight of the whole country. It is a fight wherein we need every partner,” says Dr. Janet Garin, deputy minister of the Department of Health.

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