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    Rebuilding Lives after Typhoon Yolanda

    Husband and Wife3:57

    In 2013, the Philippines were devastated by the strongest typhoon ever recorded. The surge of service, love, and hope that followed, however, was even stronger.

    In the remote area of Tacloban, one couple struggled to survive during and after the storm. Their daughter drowned as her mother swam for both of their lives.

    Homeless and heavy hearted, the couple wondered how they could go on, until they learned of a church-sponsored shelter program that would teach them to build houses for others and offer them a house of their own in return.

    “I learned about carpentry and this skill is what me and my wife use to survive now,” says the husband.

    He is now studying to receive a national certificate in carpentry.

    4.1 million people were displaced by Typhoon Yolanda. Many are still without permanent homes. To help, visit