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    “I Call Her My Church Mommy:" How Mentors Benefit Refugees

    A family making cookies together with the help of a friend.

    When Chantal and her family were relocated from Africa to the United States, it was a culture shock. There were many things to get used to, including a new language and much more urban surroundings. What really made the difference for Chantal was having adults that were willing to be mentors for her and help her adjust to her new home. Simple things like learning how to bake a cake really helped Chantal and her family feel like they were integrating into American culture. Her mentors have also helped her find opportunities to serve in the local community, something that has become really important to her. Chantal now dreams of entering the medical field so that she can help others after being given so much help herself. Mentoring helps youth succeed. Find out how you can help in your own community at