Give Back

    Giving All for Refugees in Kurdistan


    Dr. Nemam is a native of Kurdistan, a land torn apart by war. She was working in Sweden when she heard news that her people were suffering, so she decided to return and offer any help she could. What she came home to shocked her.

    In one refugee camp, over 15,000 people were struggling to live healthy, happy lives. Dr. Nemam could give them basic health care, but she wanted to do more. She became a self-taught expert in baking bread for the masses. Today, she and her fellow volunteers provide bread twice daily for the refugees of the camp.

    LDS Charities, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also wanted to help. Most of the refugees Dr. Nemam serves come from a culture in which it is customary to wear special clothing. LDS Charities makes and delivers that clothing to the camp. Otherwise, the refugees wouldn’t have access to it.

    “It’s very special for them. They feel after all the disaster—when there are many people who don’t care about them—when somebody comes… It’s a simple gift, but for them, it means a lot,” Dr. Nemam explains.

    Tens of millions of refugees scatter the globe. There may be some in your community. Find out how you can help by visiting