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    Always Something to Give – The Coconut Farmer

    Always Something to Give – The Coconut Farmer4:17

    In November 2013, the strongest typhoon ever recorded slammed into the Philippines. The 20-foot storm surge was and 195 mile-per-hour winds caused many deaths. Those who survived had to rebuild their lives from the ground up. The opportunities to help each other along created a beautiful silver lining around an otherwise terrible tragedy.

    One farmer found his coconut trees torn to the ground by the storm. The trees had provided the family’s only source of income, not to mention a special place to create memories and strengthen bonds. The farm wasn’t all that was lost; his house was gone as well, like most of the houses in the path of the storm.

    “So we helped each other,” the farmer says. “Those who didn’t have a roof, we helped them to rebuild their roof. Our church started a program to rebuild houses. I tried to do what I can. I gathered our coconut trees and gave them away.”

    The lumber from his fallen trees was given away for free to those who didn’t have money for construction supplies.

    “Even though you may be going through trials, you can still help others because there is always something you can give,” the farmer testifies.

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