Driven in Detroit: Bridges to Self-Reliance

    Bridges to Self-Reliance: The Watsons, On the Road to Self Reliance


    The Watsons moved from Portland, Oregon to Detroit to follow an employment opportunity. Part of their reason for moving was a desire to be a part of the revitalization of Detroit, but it turned out to be a much more difficult situation than they realized.

    After the move, Bruce Watson, the branch president, found himself unemployed. Although he recognizes that he’s not hurting in the same way as many Detroiters, this experience has allowed him to see what many people are going through.

    When one of the members of their ward lost their housing, they invited her to stay with them until she could find something new, but when nothing reasonable turned up, Princess moved in with the Watsons permanently until she finishes her education.

    The service they are able to give in Detroit has helped both of them grow in ways they never imagined and they would make the move again even knowing all that they know about the challenges that lie ahead.

    Each ward and stake has unique needs as the members work together to care for the poor and needy. If you are interested in creating a similar inner-city project in your area, take a look at the following resources for priesthood leaders: Inner-city Training Materials