Driven in Detroit: Bridges to Self-Reliance

    Bridges to Self-Reliance: Organizing an Inner City Welfare Project


    The Personal Storehouse Project recognizes that in order to become self-reliant, you need to strengthen several areas of your life: Health, Education, Employment, Resource Management, Faith & Hope, and Social and Emotional Strength.

    In Detroit, their first step was to identify programs and resources within the Church as well as in the community that could be used to help people strengthen these skills. What they found was that there were numerous faith-based organizations that were engaged in similar work. As they began meeting together, they were able to find ways they could support local priesthood leaders help their members.

    Then when the Church-service missionaries began working with individuals and helping them identify resources to meet their goals, they were able to draw upon an extended network ready to help. For instance, as several people mentioned a desire to get their GED, the Personal Storehouse Project directed them to several existing programs in the community that could help.

    Each ward and stake has unique needs as the members work together to care for the poor and needy. If you are interested in creating a similar inner-city project in your area, take a look at the following resources for priesthood leaders: Inner-city Training Materials