Driven in Detroit: Bridges to Self-Reliance

    Bridges to Self-Reliance: Humanitarian Outreach, Winter Clothing Distribution


    Part of the inner-city project included reaching out to other social service organizations in the community and building partnerships. Through Deseret Industries, local Church leadership coordinated a donation to the Detroit Salvation Army during January and February when their donations decline each year. As they made preparations for the clothing donation, they realized that they had an opportunity to do even more.

    They increased the amount of the donation and assigned a member of the stake who was a social worker to coordinate a Winter Clothing Distribution throughout the area. The stake provided vouchers for numerous faith-based organizations, civic agencies, and school districts to distribute to anyone they knew was in need of winter clothing. Thousands of people came to the four chapels filled with clothing and received whatever they needed to stay warm during the winter months.

    Those who were involved with the project noted the remarkable experience of serving alongside volunteers from other organizations as they tried to provide for those in need.

    Each ward and stake has unique needs as the members work together to care for the poor and needy. If you are interested in creating a similar inner-city project in your area, take a look at the following resources for priesthood leaders: Inner-city Training Materials