Driven in Detroit: Bridges to Self-Reliance

    Bridges to Self-Reliance: Solomon Bills, On the Road to Self Reliance


    Solomon Bills was born and raised in Detroit. After a career as a police officer in the inner-city, he realized that he’d become jaded toward the people and their struggles. Wanting to get rid of these harsh feelings, he began to pray for a change of heart.

    A member for 24 years, Solomon remembers when the first branch in the city met in a park because the room they had rented was locked. It’s grown significantly since then. Solomon believes that people in Detroit are looking for a faith that doesn’t single them out because of their struggles. Rather than frustration, Solomon now finds hope in the people in his community and their determination to succeed against the odds.

    Each ward and stake has unique needs as the members work together to care for the poor and needy. If you are interested in creating a similar inner-city project in your area, take a look at the following resources for priesthood leaders: Inner-city Training Materials