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    The Lord Commands Nephi to Build a Ship | 1 Nephi 17-18 | Book of Mormon


    After eight years in the wilderness, Lehi's growing family comes to a land near the sea. They call it Bountiful because of its abundant fruit and wild honey. Nephi hears the voice of the Lord commanding him to go up into the mountain to pray. There he receives a commandment from the Lord to build a ship to carry his people across the sea. Nephi prays to know where he might find ore to make tools to build the ship. He makes a bellows from animal skins and uses rocks to make fire. After crafting tools, he sets to work building the ship. When Laman and Lemuel discover what Nephi is doing, they call him a fool and criticize his efforts. He responds by recounting the history of God's dealings with their ancestors, the children of Israel, and reminds them that they themselves have seen an angel. As he speaks, Nephi is filled with the power of God, and Laman and Lemuel are afraid to contend against him for many days. The Lord speaks to Nephi and tells him to stretch forth his hand toward his brothers. He does so, and the Lord shocks them. Laman and Lemuel confess that they know the Lord is with Nephi. Lehi’s family finishes the ship and sets sail towards the promised land.

    Based on 1 Nephi 17–18.

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