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    Moroni Invites All to Come Unto Christ


    The prophet Moroni is the only surviving Nephite in the land. The Lamanites will kill anyone who will not deny Jesus Christ. Moroni finishes writing about the Nephites destruction and plans to bury the plates so that the purposes of the Lord can be fulfilled.

    The Lord showed Moroni the future day when the writings would come out of the ground and be translated. He knew it was God’s purpose that remnants of the House of Israel may know the prophecies and covenants God made with them.

    Moroni encourages those who read these writings in the future to learn to be wiser than his people, the Nephites, were and remember how merciful Lord has been to children of men. Deny not the power of god. Moroni says God always works according the one’s faith from the beginning, now, and into the future.

    Moroni asks future readers to ask God in faith, with real intent, if the words are true and promises the Holy Ghost will let them know the truth of all things. Moroni’s final words asks all people to come unto Christ and be perfected in Him and to love God with all their might, mind and strength.

    Based on Mormon 8–9; Moroni 10;

    Book of Mormon Videos

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