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    King Benjamin Addresses His People | Mosiah 1–5


    A Book of Mormon prophet, King Benjamin, gathers his people to hear him preach the gospel of Jesus Christ one last time. The people pitch their tents near the temple in Zarahemla. King Benjamin teaches them when they serve one another, they are serving God.

    King Benjamin announces that an angel of God appeared to him and told him the Son of God would come to earth. His name would be Jesus Christ, and He would perform miracles and redeem His people. Those who turn to the Savior can be cleansed from sin.

    The people believe King Benjamin’s words and pray to God. They feel sorry for their sins and ask God for forgiveness. They feel great peace and joy as they covenant with Jesus Christ.

    King Benjamin sees that the people have been spiritually born of God. He asks them to remember the way they feel and to remember it is only through Jesus Christ that they will be saved. The king teaches them to believe in God, believe that He lives, and believe that He created the heavens and earth. He encourages everyone to take care of the poor and needy.

    King Benjamin appoints his son Mosiah to be the next king.

    Based on Mosiah 1–5.

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