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    Alma the Younger Is Converted unto the Lord | Mosiah 27; Alma 36


    A Book of Mormon prophet named Alma the Elder worries about his son, who is rebelling against God and setting a bad example for the people. Alma the Younger and the sons of Mosiah persecute the people and want to destroy God’s Church. Alma the Elder, his family, and others pray for his son.

    An angel of the Lord appears to Alma the Younger and the sons of Mosiah. The angel commands them to repent and stop persecuting God’s people. Alma the Younger is struck with fear and can no longer move or speak.

    The sons of Mosiah take Alma the Younger to his father. Alma the Elder knows God has answered his prayers and that his son is experiencing the power of God. He, along with others, fast and pray for his son to be healed.

    Alma the Younger is troubled about his many sins. His soul suffers until he remembers what his father taught him about Jesus Christ the Redeemer. He calls upon the Savior for forgiveness. Suddenly Alma the Younger’s sorrow and suffering are replaced with joy and peace.

    Alma the Younger wakes up and testifies to the people that the Savior Jesus Christ has taken away his sins and he is a new person. He says he has been born again. The sons of Mosiah repent and believe in God.

    Based on Mosiah 27; Alma 36.

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