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    Alma Counsels His Sons


    Alma the younger speaks with his sons one by one. Alma tells Helaman about his conversion and says if he had not been born of God he would not have known the goodness of God. Alma promises Helaman that if he keeps the commandments of God he will prosper in the land. The plates of brass and other scriptures are passed onto Helaman and he is asked to keep a record of the people.

    Alma commends Shiblom for his faithfulness during a time when he was stoned and persecuted by the people. Shiblom is told that if he puts his trust in God he will be delivered from his trials, troubles and afflictions of every kind. Alma reminds his son Shiblom that it is through Jesus Christ that all people are saved and he asks Shiblom to continue teaching the people.

    Alma helps Corianton understand sexual sin is against God’s commandments and asks Corianton to repent. Alma tells his son that Jesus Christ will come into the world to take away the world’s sins. Alma encourages his son to look to the Savior for forgiveness. Alma teaches Corianton about the Resurrection and Judgement of God. And Corianton learns about God’s justice and mercy.

    Based on Alma 36–42

    Book of Mormon Videos

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