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    Alma and Amulek Are Delivered by the Power of God | Alma 8–15


    Alma the Younger is commanded by an angel to preach the word of God to the people of Ammonihah. Alma and is welcomed into Amulek’s household. Amulek and his family believe the teachings of Alma.

    Alma preaches to the people of Ammonihah. Alma testifies of Jesus Christ who should come into the world to take away the sins of His people. Alma asks the people to have faith in Jesus Christ, repent and be baptized. The leaders of the people are angry and want to put Alma into prison. Amulek testifies that what Alma says is true.

    Amulek then teaches Zeezrom about the redemption of the world through Jesus Christ. Amulek teaches that through Christ’s sacrifice every person who lives on the earth will be resurrected and live in a perfected immortal body. And he warns Zeezrom that if he does not repent he will be cast off from God’s presence. Zeezrom believes Alma and Amulek.

    The leaders of Ammonihah are angry with Alma and Amulek and throw the believers in a pit of fire. Alma and Amulek are imprisoned and beaten for many days. Alma asks the Lord to deliver them from prison. The prison walls tumble to the ground killing everyone except Alma and Amulek.

    Zeezrom worries that Alma and Amulek were killed because of his wickedness and he becomes very sick. When Zeezrom sees Alma and Amulek are alive he asks to be healed. Zeezrom believes in Jesus Christ, repents and is baptized by Alma.

    Based on Alma 8–15

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