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    Abinadi Testifies of Jesus Christ | Mosiah 11–18


    King Noah does not keep the commandments of God. In fact, he has many wives and commits many sins. The king has replaced the Lord’s priests with new ones who support his wickedness. King Noah also demands high taxes from his people to support his lifestyle.

    The Book of Mormon prophet Abinadi starts to prophesy to the people. Abinadi says if they do not repent, their city will be conquered and the people placed into bondage. They are angry with Abinadi and wonder why he judges them.

    They take Abinadi to the king and his priests. The king puts Abinadi into prison. After a few days, the king brings Abinadi before the priests for questioning. In response, Abinadi teaches them the law of Moses. The priests say salvation comes through the law of Moses alone.

    Abinadi teaches the king and his priests that the law of Moses points them to the Messiah. God Himself will come into the world to redeem His people. The king is angry and tells his guards to kill Abinadi. But the Lord protects Abinadi.

    Abinadi continues to teach the Ten Commandments to the king and his priests. Abinadi teaches them that salvation will come through Jesus Christ. One of the king’s priests, Alma, believes Abinadi. The king is angry and tells his guards to kill Abinadi. This time Abinadi lets them take him.

    Abinadi says the king will die the same way Abinadi dies. Alma runs away because the king wants to kill him too. Alma writes about the things Abinadi taught. And Alma begins to teach the people in private.

    Many people believe Alma and repent. Alma baptizes them in the Waters of Mormon.

    Based on Mosiah 11–18.

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