Story Mic

    The Things We Do For Love


    If you're like most people, you may feel a bit of the stress that the holidays can bring, with all the preparations that need to be made. In today's episode, Micah Olson tells us his story about feeling a little stressed over an adoption process that his family went through a few years back during the last few months of the year.

    After feeling inspired to talk to his wife about adoption, Micah's family made a big decision to move halfway across the world in order to add more children to their family. But moving to another country brought on more stress than they had planned for.

    Micah explains that by new years eve, "I literally stayed up to watch the clock turn to a new year, because I was so warn out from the previous year, and I went to bed. And that was my new year's eve that year." As things worked themselves out, as they always do, Micah found himself to be grateful for the challenges that he faced with a good attitude.

    May we follow Micah's example through the stress that we feel this holiday season.

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