Story Mic

    Stuck Like Glue

    A man sitting on a bench.3:13

    Have you ever just felt stuck? Have you ever been literally stuck?

    RJ moved into a basement apartment rented out by his cousin. The rent was cheap and so were some of the living conditions. One day, RJ’s office chair broke. Without money to replace it, he used gorilla glue to stick the parts back together. He finished the job with a few strips of duct tape, for good measure.

    As he left the room, his bare foot hit a sticky spot on the floor and stayed there. He was glued to the linoleum. Perplexed and embarrassed, RJ called out for help. He realized he was alone in the house and had no cell phone.

    “So I’m stuck here to the floor by the foot and I realize this is the lamest version of the [Aron Ralston] story ever told,” he says with a laugh.

    Luckily, his grandfather had taught him to always carry a pocket knife. RJ used the knife to pry his foot from the floor (without causing injury). Today, this story is RJ’s favorite way to break the ice with new acquaintances.

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