Story Mic

    My Grandparent's Carnival Fair


    How has your family shaped your life? In this episode of Story Mic, Jenn Crookston shares the story of a business that brought several generations of her family together in ways she’ll never forget.

    Jenn was young when her grandparents opened a Mexican restaurant called El Burrito. It was while selling the food at county fairs that Jenn grew close to her aunts and uncles.

    "We looked up to them like people do their big brothers and big sisters. We thought it was really cool that we got to go travel with them and do the same things that they were doing throughout the summer," Jenn recalls.

    Though Jenn’s grandparents no longer participate, they’ve passed the joy and responsibility of selling food at the fair to their posterity. Even Jenn’s children take part in the tradition.

    "I don't think that [my grandparents] knew when they were starting these fairs... that it would continue on until their great grandchildren were coming to the fairs and continuing to work at them," says Jenn.

    Does your family have unique traditions or reunions like Jenn’s? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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