Story Mic

    Living In My Brother's Shadow


    For Spencer Belnap, living in his brother’s shadow taught him the skills he needed to make an impact of his own.

    Spencer and his family moved to Moscow, Russia, while he and his older brother were in high school. His brother had been known as “Baby Belnap” in their previous school, due to the popularity of their eldest brother.

    With a fresh start ahead of him, Spencer’s brother decided to make a name for himself in Russia. He joined school clubs, became a leader in his class, and made friends with everyone. Spencer realized it was his turn to feel stuck in his brother’s shadow—but not for long. He observed his brother and learned to influence others for good, too.

    “[I live so that] even though maybe people won’t remember me that much—or maybe even at all—if they do, they remember me in a positive way, as being outgoing and helpful,” Spencer says.

    What’s the best life lesson you’ve learned from your siblings? Leave a comment.

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