Story Mic

    Laughter Is the Best Medicine


    The best medicine in times of trouble is laughter, according to Nita Wood, who shares her sweet story in this episode.

    Two related experiences taught Nita this lesson. The first occurred in a small hospital room, where Nita and her entire family received devastating news. Doctors had just discovered an aggressive, incurable tumor in her mother’s brain.

    “Nobody talked; we all just cried. There wasn’t much we could say. We were all just coming to terms with living without this wonderful mom of ours,” Nita says.

    Right away, Nita’s dad asked one of the family members to say a prayer. During a pause in the prayer, Nita’s 8-month-old nephew filled his diaper so loudly it echoed through the room. The family opened their eyes and burst into laughter.

    “We were already crying—now we were laughing and crying,” Nita recalls.

    In a similarly somber moment, Nita and her five sisters were sitting around the kitchen table on the night before their mother’s funeral. As they made last-minute plans, the youngest began to sob and said, “This is so much harder for me because I was Mom’s favorite.” The eldest protested and declared she was the favorite, as did the other sisters. They began laughing as they told stories that proved their respective points.

    Nita realized that her mother would have wanted the family to be together and feeling joy, especially in the most difficult times. Now, when she struggles, Nita remembers to find humor somewhere in her day.