Story Mic

    I Loved That Chicken


    When you were little, what did you love most? For Kennady Parkinson, it was a family pet.

    "His name was Todd, and he was the best chicken on earth," declares Kennady. As a chick, Todd was kept in the garage with the other baby chickens. One night, Todd fell out of the cage and got lost in the garage, where he was at risk of being hunted by two dogs and of freezing in the night.

    "As a little girl, I was just mortified, because he was my pet. I loved that thing", Kennady asserts. Kennady searched for Todd, but had to give up in order to sleep. Being unable to do anything else that night, Kennady says, "I just remember praying my heart out that my mom would find this chicken, or that it at least wouldn't die in the night."

    Good news awaited Kennady the next morning. She discovered that her mom had found Todd and had kept him safe. Her humble prayers had been heard and answered. Does Kennady’s story remind you of own of your own?

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