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    How Outsmarting My Parents Actually Proved Them Right


    Do you ever find it so hard to avoid sweets that you have to sneak them in when nobody's looking? Well, if you've got a sweet tooth like Adam Mellema, you might relate to his story.

    For him, Adam was not allowed sweets anytime other than when he had finished everything on his plate. But because of his insane sweet tooth, that wasn't satisfactory. Says Adam, "[It] was a constant, and so when mom and dad would take their naps on Sunday afternoons, I would slink to the kitchen to help myself to something sweet."

    As he would do this, he realized that he could get caught pretty easily had he eaten cookies out of the cookie jar, or portions of the banana snack cake. So he came up with a different plan.

    "I knew that if I helped myself to a partially opened bag of semi-sweet chocolate chip morsels, then obviously that would go very well, because nobody would know until, you know, two or three months from now when they were needed for a recipe, so at least I was buying myself some time", he explains.

    And so that's what he did, taking handfuls of morsels and hiding them on the floor next to the table with plants on it, so nobody could see them. But his strategy didn't last long, due to the close proximity of the plants.

    As he was enjoying morsel after morsel, he describes the scene: "I reached down between the wall and the table, and instead of putting a chocolate chip semi-sweet morsel into my mouth, there was a dirt clod crunching in my teeth."

    The mistake shocked him into realizing that it wasn't worth sneaking the sweets, especially when God was watching.

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